Sunday, February 1, 2009

SSP for a SS Daughter

Super Secret Project for a Super Special Daughter
Claudia's Handpainted Sport Weight in the Steelers Colorway
Needles: Size US #2 Addi Turbo
Started: 1/24/09
Finished: 1/31/09.
I finished just in time for the big game tonight.
You see, my oldest daughter is a sports phanatic. She loves to watch football and baseball especially. We originally thought it might be an exciting thing to have two Pennsylvania teams compete in the Super Bowl, but the Eagles, well, we don't talk about that around these parts anymore. It would have been a great year for a Pennsylvania Super Bowl, with the Phillies already claiming the World Series Title.
Anyway, back to the socks. I think, or at least hope, that she has no clue that I've knit these for her. I ordered the yarn right after the Steelers secured their position as one of the Super Bowl teams. The yarn arrived just in time for me to start them last weekend. I was seriously disturbed with myself when I hadn't finished the first sock by Thursday (work is really busy). But alas, I finished it, and spent some late nights knitting, and working on the second sock pretty much non-stop. There is a lot to be said about knitting monogamy, because I haven't touched another project all week. Last night around 10:00pm, I managed to finish the second sock. I might add that I put in 3 hours of work yesterday, a major trip to the grocery store, and played 6 games of volleyball in between the knitting. Thank heavens for a fabulous husband who did our laundry this week!
For those of you not familiar with my oldest daughter, she is indeed super special. She was born with a rare, genetic disorder. She's the second diagnosed American patient with this disorder. When she was first born, doctors predicted that she wouldn't live to be a year old. Today, she is sixteen, and most times, a joy to behold. She is quite small (I keep telling her that good things come in small packages), and has quite a laundry list of special needs, including learning disabilities. As a parent of a second child where things come a bit easier and quicker, it sometimes seems as though life is not fair (even though the second child started out as a peanut too, weighing a whopping 1.5 lbs at 24 weeks gestation). It's been a bit hard to balance the different needs of each child, even when special needs are not involved.
So, Lauren, the oldest child of my heart, these socks are for you. I said a prayer for you with each stitch I knit. You are an inspiration to me. You touch so many lives with your love. I'm proud to be your Mom.


Kay said...

Lovely socks for your lovely daughter... by the way...the music sounded GREAT this morning... It must have been the new addition to the praise team!

Nell said...

That was so incredibly sweet. It's looking good so far for those Stillers.

Sandy said...

Way to go Kristin, Todd, Lauren and Maggie! We love you! ...Sandy (and Richard, too!)

Anonymous said...

Lauren I want to see a picture of you in those socks! Those are awesome. I was one of three Steeler fans at a Super Bowl party but I made more noise than the other 20 people. You are a very special young woman. Come back to Tennessee for a visit. I would love to see you again. Kristin your work is incredible! Sheryl

tapmouse said...

What a wonderful knit for a what sounds like a wonderful daughter! I'm sure she absoolutely loved the socks and treasures the love put into them!

Morticcia said...

Socks in a week. That's incredible. Lauren is one lucky girl. :-)