Saturday, February 13, 2010

An Olympic Event

Last night millions of Americans and folks from all over the world watched as Canada put on an Olympic event that took our breath away. I always love the opening cermonies. Everyone is filled with hope and the spirit of good competition. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the sadness that touched the world last night as everyone remembered the lost life of Georgian luger, Nodar Kumaritashvili.

The Olympic games hold a special place in my memories. I can remember watching the Olympics as a child. I must confess that I'm an official Olympic junky. I will spend the next two weeks walking around in a stupor from lack of sleep.

This Olympic year, I thought I would be different. I'd join with the thousands, literally thousands, of knitters across the globe for THE, (wait for it) KNITTING OLYMPICS. I can see that many of you are laughing now. I know there must be a chuckle somewhere. It sounds crazy, I know. But in the spirit of the games, knitters cast on knitting projects in various categories, challenging themselves with different techniques, deadlines, finishing that long lost sweater from years ago..... You name it, and there's a category for it. I'll expound on these categories some more in upcoming posts. I promise to post, really I do. It's also kind of a goal of mine to post daily during the Olympics. Considering that I'll be working 8 days in a row next week, this might be an Olympic event all in its self.

In an attempt to make my Olympic addiction viewing time productive, I joined the thousands of knitting "athletes" last night. We all cast on for our projects during the opening ceremonies. For my first project, I'm using this yarn to complete a beautiful lace scarf/shawlette. It's The Plucky Knitter's Merino/Silk aran weight yarn in the color Retro Mint.

The yarn has even gotten into the spirit of the games, fashioning itself in the shape of a "P" for team Plucky. Yes, there are knitting teams, just as there are teams in the tradional Olympic games.

I'm also knitting a Cowl out of The Plucky Knitter's 4-ply Cashmere in the color, Wild Violets.

My goal is to knit these projects in the 17 day time frame that the Olympics are being broadcast. More laughter? I know it seems crazy. Then again, I never claimed to be anything close to normal!
PS - don't worry that I will bore you with slowly progressing project pictures. We'll chat about other things too!

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peaknits said...

I have somehow missed out on Rav-a-lympics again...but I will look forward to seeing what you make - your yarn is yummy!