Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm beginning to realize how little I have to say, with posting every day, instead of every month! about I just let the pictures do the talking?

A Brooks Farm Yarn Scarf - Colorways from Brooks Farms are never marked with names, but they are gorgeous all the same.
The yarn is 50% Merino wool, 50% silk, worsted weight. This project was actually my first finished object (FO) of 2010. I just need to block it to increase its length.

One of the interesting things about this scarf is that it employs what I believe to be the "knit-one-below" stitch in the pattern. It makes quite a lovely change to the knitted fabric. This pattern is a repeat of two simple rows. But if you are a knitting thrower like I am (the technical term is English style), those two rows can go on indefinitely, until you feel that you want to pull your hair out.......and then the scarf's complete. And suddenly you think you might want to knit another one. Knitting is a disease, I tell you!

Now off to get supper started and actually knit something today! I'll soon run out of things to post if I don't keep knitting!
PS - Great Olympic moment for Canada in men's moguls yesterday!

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Aunt Adie said...

I like! Can't wait to get it in the mail (or Fed Ex if you'd like).....:) (just kidding)