Thursday, March 13, 2008

Things That Make Me Weep

Things that make me weep (not all bad):

1. Ripping out the scarf pattern in the previous post for the THIRD time. You all were close in your guesses. It is the Montego Bay scarf from IK Spring 2007 issue. Amy Singer is the designer. It's supposed to be an easy pattern, but I keep losing stitches, and frogging it, because I can't pick them back up with all of the YO's. Help! This is an easy lace pattern. How will I knit more complicated lace if I keep doing this? Suggestions please? :(

2. I want to be able to knit slightly more complex lace patterns (I need some sort of progression, don't I), because I just bought three skeins of laceweight from the Wollmeise. The colors are phenomenal, and they make me want to weep (they are that beautiful). I keep fondling them and sniffing them (this might appear as abnormal behavior to muggles, but trust me, it's a perfectly sane gesture to knitters and crocheters alike).

3. I have to work this weekend. This makes me weep. I had today off, and I get Tuesday off next week, but I work Friday through Monday. This past Tuesday was enough to make me weep. I'm not liking the thought of working this weekend, but next weekend I get three days off again (but we spend the Monday after Easter at the hospital for my DD's doctor appts).

4. Lastly, to end on a great note (weeping still involved), and to include the picture of the post - this is my youngest daughter knitting! She said to me today, after we came home from the doctor for her ear (it's infected), that she wanted to learn to knit. Do you know what - she's doing really well for just turning six years old. She asked me who taught me to knit, and I said my Mom and my Nana. And then, bless her heart, she said, "Mommy, if you show me how to knit, then I can teach my children, and they'll know how to knit because you taught me."
WOW! What a legacy!


Kay said...

ahhhhh, lucky you to have a daughter that wants to share your hobbies. I hope you spend many, many hours knitting together!

Karen said...

My daughter and I craft together all the time. I'm so glad these things interest her (I have taught some of her friends too).
I smell and fondle my yarn a lot too. The really good ones you could just bury your face in.

KnittingMoose said...

Oh, that's so sweet what your daughter said! Made me smile.

About that scarf...yes, that's the same one I made. And don't feel bad...for such a supposedly "simple" lace scarf, I messed up a LOT on it too. I would find myself a stitch off but of course not know it until the end of the next right side row.

My first solution was to make little sort of flash cards that I had on a little ring, with each row written on one card, and I'd turn it when I was ready to start that next row. But honestly, what got me to the end of it was that I eventually learned what I was looking at and could tell what row I was on. I know that might sound hard but I swear, I'm not normally good at "reading" my knitting either, especially with lace. Anyway, email me (knittingmooseATyahooDOTcom) if I can help you more. :)

Nittany Knits said...

I often have to work the weekends as well, so I will weep right along side of you. I keep wondering if there are any jobs where we can knit while we work, then we might be excited to work on the weekend.

Morticcia said...

I don't even know you, and what you're daughter said made me all watery in the eyes.

That is the sweetest thing ever. The ills of froggin' be damned in the face of that. :-)

Nell said...

OMG! That just touched my heart. I hope someday my child will say that to me. Very sweet moment.

And thanks for the pep talks this week! I really needed it!

peaknits said...

Sweet - aint love grand? I am so happy when my 7 year old wants to knit, she has to learn a little each time, but it makes me happy to think might be growing a knitter.