Wednesday, March 26, 2008


The Sock Club - a wondrous invention by stores (brick and mortar or on-line) that will sell you a sometimes exclusive/sometimes not, colorway of their specifically dyed yarn. It comes in a package to your home every month or every other month. It's sorta like a magazine subscription. Often there are perks other than owning the prized yarn, that say, maybe only 200 or 2000 other people own. Sometimes you get really nice stuff with the club package - this is known as SWAG. It could be anything from lip balm, hand lotion, DPN holder, tape measures, shawl pin, sock knitting bag, etc. The swag is usually related to knitting or sometimes, it is more personal in nature (see list above). Most times, sock club shipments come to your door with a pattern, written specifically for the yarn of the month included in the package. Of course, no one holds a gun to your head and makes you knit said pattern, but sometimes it's fun to "play along." Some clubs are very exclusive and hard to "get into." Ex. I won a lottery drawing for the sock club at TLE! Amazing, as usually I'm a big 'ole loser. I've got a point here, so stick with me.....

I've joined some sock clubs, because, as a knitter, I gravitate toward the same colors all the time. Sock clubs stretch me beyond my comfort zone colors. Otherwise, I might just knit jewel tones and be done with it all.

However, this month, I received some shipments that made me a little "green," and not with envy. I like green. Green is my birthstone. It's a jewel-toned color, so I usually knit with it - see the project below - a thong? Nope, a two-toned triangle purse, knit in Wild Asparagus (green), and Eggplant colorways. Easy knitting. Nice mindless project. Horrible picture, as usual. It's a bit washed-out, and I apologize. The colors are not true at all. Moving on......

So, we've established the fact that I like green. But did I really need this much of it???? But, on the other hand, you have to check out these green skeins........WOW - I don't need to buy anything else green for a long time! I've made an excutive decision after this month's club haul. I'm cutting back on clubs next year. It'll be a hard decision to pick and choose which ones to keep. But, I've got enough in my stash to do it. And in the end....I might just want to save my money for yarn that I REALLY love (not that I don't love all this yarn, but hey, I've got enough colors OUT of my comfort zone to last me for a long time).

Emerald City - Yarn Pirate

STR - Lucky

The Loopy Ewe - Cherry Tree Hill

And just to show you that I'm not totally mad or anything about the green colors.... I'm choosing my favorite selection from this month's green flavor - here's to Chewy Spaghetti's Blue Plate Special offering. I love this color, and it speaks to how I feel a bit right now - "Ludicrious!"

And to be even more ludicrious, I'll probaby purchase green yarn from Maryland Sheep and so KNOW I will......:)


Nell said...

I hear you on the too many sock clubs. I did that for sure last year. Too much!!! Don't worry though, you can always trade or destash. I love green too. But you're right... Now that I've seen them all together, we did get a lot of green!

Morticcia said...

I envy the laid back personality you have to have to join sock clubs. I am far to stingy to "open" myself up to other peoples color choices.

With that said, I love green. And I especially love Cherry Tree Hill yarns. They make really soft socks.

I really love those last two colorways, especially the last. It's perfect for this time of year. It makes me think of the daffodils and irises that will be gracing our yarn in a month or two!

As for your email questions, the sock is STR Titania lightweight, and no, I wont be one of the lucky people at MS&W. :-( I will live vicariously through my favorite bloggers!

Morticcia said...

yarn = yard....freudian slip?

KnittingMoose said...

I know exactly what you mean about stretching your boundaries with the clubs! I too tend to gravitate towards the same colors, and I enjoyed the STR club last year for that reason. It was nice to branch out. I want to treat myself to another one sometime, maybe something different. :)

peaknits said...

Love the sock clubs myself - I have tried to pull the reins in a bit - just for sanity sake:) I am "green" with envy you got into TLE because Wollmeise is dying for an installment - to die.

Kim said...

the yarn is gorgeous! I'm in the Central Penn Ravelers group and figured this might be the best way to contact you. We're going to knit at the Daily Grind next Thurs., April 3 from 6-8.