Monday, March 10, 2008

Guessing Game

Okay, who's up for a guessing game? I don't think there will be prizes this time. Sorry! :( It will just be for fun. Why? Because my big 'ole butt doesn't get time to go to the post office lately....BUT, I'll do a blog contest as soon as life calms down.

So, strictly for the fun of it.....can you guess what this will be when it grows up? A nice little yarn ball with 200 of those nice little fringes?

And then when it's knitted up, looks like this?

Any guesses? Go ahead. Blow me away. Show me how much time you spend on Ravelry, searching the patterns to load up your already overflowing list of things to knit! I love Ravelry, but sometimes I hate the knittng time that it sucks up. I find myself saying, "You're never gonna have a finished object at this rate. Get off that computer!" FPS!

Ok - off to knit some more of the mystery object. And finish cooking dinner. Have a great week! And what do you know? - it's Monday, and there's a post here. Daylight savings time ROCKS! It is still light outside at 6:00pm, and not looking to get dark anytime soon! YEAH!


Morticcia said...

I have no clue what that is, but it is yummy to look at!

Three cheers for DST!

Karen said...

I have no idea either, but I like the colors a lot.

KnittingMoose said...

Hmm...dunno! But it looks a lot like a scarf I made, that used to be on Amy Singer's blog for free (then called Mimi Verylong) and then she published it somewhere and renamed it something else...(I'm helpful, aren't I? ;) I did see it on Ravelry somewhere too...

Pretty colors though!

Morticcia said...

No offense taken at all on the ULOB. I hope I didn't come across as shrill about it. :)

peaknits said...

hmmm, I'm stumped. But I am with you cheering for daylight savings! Whew "here comes the sun!"