Monday, August 30, 2010


I have always been a fan of a British accent. I have always found English accents to be charming for the most part, and I find myself gravitating to their vernacular in ways that seem odd for an American citizen. I love it when they say, "Bugger," and "Bloody" with such passion. I realize those statements might be a form of swearing, so I'm not really sure I should be holding them in such a high esteem for the use of those words in particular. Sometimes it's just fun to say that I took a "snap," or I have to go to the "Loo." And I'm totally fascinated with the whole tea thing.
Hmmm....where is all of this leading and how does it relate to knitting? I'm sure you are wondering, as I'm not truly convinced that I know most of the time either. But there is a British word or turn of phrase that describes my current state of affairs in regards to a baby blanket in question.....

DAFT. I must be DAFT to think that I'm going to finish this blanket by 9/11/10. But then again, stranger things have happened. The blanket is not hard knitting - it's only garter stitch. It's finding the time to knit and not feeling guilty about it. That's the key. How do you make time for knitting? Is it ever a guilty pleasure for you?

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Robin said...

This blanket is going to be gorgeous! Check out this knit by Intrepid Fiber Wizard- .