Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Year

A new year usually prompts many to take stock in their lives in various ways. Often times, reflection occurs, either personal or task-oriented. Resolutions are made, goals are set, and there is overcrowding at the local gym (ask me how I know).
I have been subject to this annual quest for quite a few years now. But this year is different. I’m not setting myself up for failure. The perfectionist in me won’t allow lower or smaller goals, because what is the point? This year I’m giving myself permission. Permission is a different monster entirely. By its mere definition, one can see the difference between permission (formal consent; leave; license) and goal (an object or end that one strives to attain; aim, keep score). Permission, in my mind, is the acceptance of something that you would not normally allow. Goal-setting requires effort and work. Its very nature is active.
This year, permission is key. I’m giving myself the license to knit what I please. I will not be driven to knit an object out of obligation. I want to knit for the mere satisfaction that the process brings me. I want to knit while I watch TV. I want to gift my knitting, and enjoy the smile it brings to the recipient’s face. I want to knit for people who don't expect anything from me. I want to knit with the pretty one-of-a-kind yarn that I’ve been hoarding for so long. What good does allowing the cashmere to languish in my stash do for anyone, I say? I’m embracing the spirit of knitting this year.

And if that sounds like a goal to you, well, don’t say anything to my perfectionist self. It thinks that I’m only permitting it to be on hiatus this year.

And now, because this is supposed to be a knitting blog, please enjoy two of my favorite Christmas gifts, gifted to my SIL’s. An Ishbel

A little close shot of the lace........It's knit in the lovely Plucky MCN fingering in "Blue Water Times"

And a Simple Yet Effective Shawl in Noro sock yarn. I alternated the skeins to make the stripes. This ia a great travel project, and the pattern works well for sock yarns that pool or stripe.
Happy Knitting in the New Year!


Susanna K said...

LOVELY thoughts about the *permission*. Very healthy.
And beautiful gifts! the disco lights scarves are absolutely exquisite - congratulations and what a wonderful gift and talent you have!
Happy New Year to you and yours!

Crochet Renee said...

You are so gifted, my Dear. You
sure didn't get that from me(I am
the crocheter) However, I plan on using my Christmas gifts to be hopefully half the knitter you have become.