Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Tree with Hattitude

I've got a bit of a problem this year. I can't seem to stop knitting hats. Hats are everywhere in my home (some are not even pictured here). It seems as though everyone in my family is receiving hats for Christmas this year. And before you know it, those hats, well, they all jumped onto my Christmas tree. Talk about hattitude!
Onto the knitty gritty......pun intended. First of all, thank heavens for Jared Flood's Turn A Square hat pattern! I think it's the best thing going for men's hats, even if you don't make the stripes on the pattern model.
There's Malabrigo in Blue/Lime.

Malabrigo in Ravelry Red (looks very festive hanging on the tree branch if I do say so myself).

Noro certainly can't be left out of this gig. Knots and all....sigh.....

Some of the Noro wanted to see if you could find it on the tree....

Let's not forget the pretty pinks for the little ladies on my list.

I spy some yarn that's waiting to become a hat before Christmas.

And who stuck that sock in there? Poor guy must be having an identity crisis.
Here's hoping that you are enjoying this season of giving and knitting! Keep on knitting, only 14 days to go! :)

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