Monday, September 28, 2009

Lap of Luxury

Just the right alludes me a lot of times. This year I purchased some Tilli Tomas Disco lights in hopes of knitting something that money just can't buy. Here's the first of my knitted gifts. A simple, but easy pattern that shows off the yarn fantastically.

Winter Windowpanes Scarf by Margaret Radcliffe
Pattern found in "101 Designer One Skein Wonders"
Size US #5 Needles (Signature needles with stilletto tips = one fabulous product).
1 skein of Disco lights by Tilli Tomas in the "Atmosphere" colorway.
A gift for my MIL, who really loved it! Squee....I like to see people enjoy their knitted gifts.

This yarn is 100% spun silk, that contains two strands, one being the silk, the other a small thread that contains many sequins. If I hadn't knit this particular yarn (or any pattern in this yarn with a K2tog, for that matter) with my signature needles, I would have gone crazy. It takes a little while to get used to the feel of the sequins on your needles. And the yarn and sequins can easily split. Thank heavens for the Signature needles. Their nice sharp points helped me execute the K2tog stitch beautifully. Signatures are definitely worth the price. They are truly in a league of their own. And if knitting with Signature needles is living in the lap of luxury, Tilli Tomas yarn just adds to the glory. Disco lights is a beautiful yarn, so soft and wonderful. Of course, this would be my first experience knitting with 100% silk. But I've vowed to knit with it more often, as budget allows (ahem).

So, if you're looking for a relatively quick knit with big results, I highly recommend this yarn and pattern. And oh least try the Signature needles. You won't be sorry. I'm off to wind up another skein of Tilli Tomas and to continue the process of knitting Christmas gifts. Have you started Christmas knitting yet?

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Morticcia said...

Love the scarf. I know how sometimes the needle makes the project. Are the signature needles heavy, like most metal needles?