Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year, New Projects

I'll let the pictures do most of the talking for now (Come on, you didn't think I'd be totally silent, did you?). I've only got another half an hour left until a beeper is permanently attached to my side for 72 hours, and any free time is shot to pieces.
Here's what I'm currently working on:

A pretty scarf for my SIL - It's Yarn Pirate in the Neptune colorway (Booty club colorway), and I can't recall the name of the pattern, something like falling water lace. I know, the colorway is bold, and it's obscuring the pattern a bit, but my SIL has a fabulous green coat, and I am done fiddling with patterns trying to make this work. Anyway, it's my foray into lace knitting. It has 32 stitches across, and 16 row repeats. I have decided to do one set of repeats each day, which for me takes about 1/2 hour. Hopefully, in twenty days, I'll have a scarf, and my sanity as well. Lace knitting still frightens me. I'm too much of a perfectionist to leave many mistakes in my work.

Another Noro Silk Garden Striped Scarf. My last one was so enjoyable, and I've ordered quite a few skeins of this yarn for scarves. The in-laws loved them so much, they've asked for them as presents. I figure I can start working on them for next year. It's a nice take along project, and mindless knitting at its best.

And lastly, after the big barn sale at BMFA - I had to cast on some STR. This is Lettuce Knit in a simple garter stitch rib sock destined to be mine, all mine. I don't know about anyone else, but STR always seems to pool for me, even in different size needles, patterns, etc. However, that's its only downfall, and I really love the tight twist of the yarn. Tina's colorways are just fabulous.

Here's hoping that your New Year is filled with many blessed things. I'm off to commit myself to the beeper. Here's hoping it's quiet (I'm trying not to laugh). We've got a pretty good-sized snow storm predicted for tomorrow. Of course, that's when everyone will page the on-call nurse!


knittinwolf said...

I've got to check out that Noro scarf pattern...very cool! Love the yarn pirate yarn too such pretty colors! Love all the projects!

Kay said...

I hope you have a quiet weekend.... I was just sitting here thinking how nice it will be to be snowed in tomorrow...but since I read that you have to be out in it, I guess I'll wish that it misses us again and wish for snow another time!

Nell said...

Wow! I love the colors. Neptune is destined to be one of my all time favorites. (You know me and my blues and greens!)

I hope your call goes well. Think happy thoughts but don't say it outloud. We have a ban on the Q word at work. ;)

Shannon said...

I really like your Noro scarf. I haven't tried one myself yet, but I love them. Maybe I should add this to my already very long queue. :)

I have had the same trouble with BMFA. But I have that karma with varigated matter what I do.

Morticcia said...

I actually love how the STR is pooling in your sock. Some pooling is annoying, but other types I adore to no end.

Hope your on call went okay. The storm that hit us was very mild. Hopefully it was by you, as well.

Kim said...

I love your scarf pattern and the yarn you chose for your SIL. I need to find that pattern. Lace is fun, challenging and frustrating all rolled into one. Make sure to use a lifeline after each repeat or within a repeat if needed. It will save you a major headache.

tapmouse said...

I love the way your Lettuce Knits is pooling! Almost a vertical, large striping effect!

And that Yarn Pirate scarf is gorgeous! Love the colorway. I started a lace scarf for my mom but haven't had a chance to post it yet. I got about 4" into and and got sidetracked starting another sock! ;)