Monday, January 19, 2009

Lettuce Knit

Here's a quick shot of the first sock of 2009 (notice I didn't say the first PAIR of socks). I've already cast on for the second sock, and hope to finish it sometime this week, or maybe this weekend. (Garger Rib Stitch in STR Lettuce Knit colorway, medium weight - for all you fiber folks). I love the foot of the sock. The striping is really pretty nice there.
We've been busy as a family, having strep throat (youngest), hosting birthday parties (for the youngest, work done by the elders), working overtime (again the eldest - hint, that's me), taking mid-terms (eldest child), playing volleyball (the eldest - we started our league on Saturday night), and just generally being tired (all of us). I'm pretty sure I'm one of those fair-weather people who favor warmer weather. Although, winter is just great for knitting, and showing off all of one's hand-made items!
Today's bright spot was sponsored by my hubby. He brought home a surprise today - Wii Fit! I'll let you know how we like it. So far, it's a little slow, but then again, I'm a little hyper. The yoga will do well by me, I'm sure. By a little slow, please don't think that I'm in great shape. I'm just used to more contact sports and fast paced things when I exercise. The Wii Fit will be good for muscle toning, which I so desperately need!

Well, knit on my friends! I've been enjoying your posts, sleepily gazing at your gorgeous projects (I usually read blogs early in the morning or late at night). You all inspire me to keep on going, even when my head hits the pillow! Lettuce knit onward and upward! :)
Happy Monday!


knittinwolf said...

Ew yuck strep! Hope it doesn't spread through the family. Love the sock...what a cool colorway!

Funny you mentioned the tshirt thing...its been in the 80's for over a week! Supposed to get milder weather this week...yeah!

Take care and get some rest!

Morticcia said...

Let me know how the Wii fit goes. I want one, but I think it's one of those things that will collect dust rather than feet.

A new blog look for a new blog year? Looks good.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Hope you all feel better soon and have a restful weekend!

I love how the Lettuce Knit knit up! Gorgeous!!!

Denise said...

hi there, just surfing blogs, saw your comment on Peaknits blog about not having friends to knit with - me neither! Thought I'd pop over to visit you ;) I had a wii fit a few months ago, sold it to a friend cos I hardly used it! Joined a gym instead! Love your sock, hope you get the next one done pretty quick.

Nell said...

So jealous of the WiiFit. So far, everyone loves it. So I'm curious to see what you think.

The Lettuce Knit colorway is so pretty! Beautiful sock!