Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Fall!

Happy first day of fall! It has been ions since my last post. I feel very guilty about that (obviously not guilty enough to post though)! It seems whenever I think of taking a picture of my project(s) or contemplate a subject to write about, well, I lose the momentum. Somehow I have lost the UMPH to get me going with most things in my life right now. But, so as not to scare you away, we'll just discuss the knitting.
My knitting life is in such a rut! Have you ever experienced this? I have numerous projects (many more than I care to admit) currently on the needles, and really, not one of them is calling my name, which is very unusual! I am stumped! I hate this quality in myself....namely, the inability to finish things. Sometimes I start a new project like gang-busters and it's barely on the needles (BSJ) by the time it's finished, but then, some projects languish around for 45 days or more, just biding time until they get a little attention from me....for shame! Yarn acquisition has not stopped, I read my favorite knitting blogs on a regular basis (thank you for your inspiring knitting and funny anecdotes), so you'd think I'd be happily knitting away! I'm knitting, but it appears that I'm knitting and knitting, and no progress is being made. It feels like a big, black hole. I hate holes in knitting! I have tried ignoring the knitting (I can't do this. I'm poor at being patient, and knitting calms my nerves), starting a new project (this only feeds the inability to finish the ones already started), and continue to constantly read about knitting. I have bought new yarn to excite, and alas....I cannot allow myself to begin one new project without finishing some of the old.
I have decided the best approach to this "problem" is to knit through this period. Just keep knitting, knitting, knitting. I'm limiting myself to working on two projects at any given time until at least one of them is done. I've discovered that project monogamy is a sure-fire way to see some definite progress, but I can't limit myself solely to a mammoth project, such as a big, log cabin blanket or a sweater, because the garter and stockinette stitch will bore me to death. Although yesterday, while watching the A&E version of P&P, I knit solely on my sweater. It does not appear that I made much progress at all (see big black hole lament above). I might add that I did take a little, wee nap as well. OK, maybe it wasn't a wee nap! :) But I did only knit on that sweater yesterday. It's a lovely sweater. The yarn is nice to work with, and I know I'll appreciate the finished project. It's the very first sweater I've knit for myself. I suspect that I'm afraid to take it off the needles as I'm afraid it won't fit (never mind that I've frogged it once already for size issues). Could this be affecting my desire and funk? Don't even mention the gauge monster, as I had the specified gauge measurements on the first try, and it proved to be too small. PS - I even took my measurements, FPS!
Well, in all efforts to stay is the first day of fall. I love fall! It's my favorite season! Its only downfall (no pun intended) is that is precedes winter, which is my least favorite season. Its many attributes outweigh the one downfall. The colors are starting to come alive here in PA. So, to celebrate fall, I'm going to promise to post more often, and about more positive things, even if I feel like I'm in a funk ('cause who wants to read more whining), knit through this "black hole" period, and generally start to cut through the crap. Life's too short.
How are you celebrating the advent of fall?


Morticcia said...

I know how you feel completely about the knitting and life and blogging!

Sweaters and (fingering weight) scarfs can suck the lifeblood out of you. I find matching a quick project with a not so quick project the best.

A&E's P&P is a fabulous way to relax a day away! Where most love Colin Firth, I place my affection squarely on Crispin Bonham Carter, the actor who plays Bingley.

KnittingMoose said...

You said it... That's exactly how I feel about the blogging thing too. Sometimes it's just too much to keep up on the reading and commenting and emailing...and it's not a reflection on the people at's been such fun to have met people this way. So anyway, I can totally understand. :)

And the same goes for the knitting. I find myself totally into something one minute and then the next I'm just off it, ya know? Right now I'm working on a plain jane stockinette raglan sweater. Nice and simple so I have something to do with my hands that doesn't require much from my brain. I guess that's just what I need right now! I try not to let myself be bothered by it, but sometimes I do anyway. Ah well.

Nell said...

Celebrating fall by thinking of re-casting on the Central Park Hoodie. But no promises.