Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Lesson on "How to Say YES!"

More aptly, this post should be entitled about a lesson on learning how to say, "NO!"
I'm not good at that, you know. Saying, "NO" to things I really can't handle, what with the responsibilities of house and home.
But alas, I'm committed to doing the following: I've got a pretty size able role in a community play that's opening on August 1st (of this year). Yes, you read it correctly. I'm doing a theatre production in the beginning of August. Granted, it's community theatre, and we've thrown this thing together since the beginning of last week, but I'm hopping to practice 3 nights a week for two or more hours at a shot, and trying to maintain my sanity. I've got my children looking at me funny as I launch into monologues (while cooking supper) that I have been trying desperately to memorize. The whole memorization bit is a tad harder the older I get, I must confess. Yet, at the same time, it's undeniably satisfying and fun. The play is entitled, "Sandbag, Stage Left (or, One Dead Dolly)," by John Antony. It's a courtroom scene and set, but the characters are really the showpieces in this parody of "January 16th."
Personally, I love live theatre. I've always been a fan (I studied music education for 3.5 years in college before I became a nurse, and I was surrounded by the dramatic) of live theatre. There is a local group that does seasonal productions each year, and for a mere $6/ticket, you can watch a live theatre production, albeit in an ancient "thrust-stage" theatre with 70's style cushions. Wait, maybe they are from the 60's - who knows....there are so many orange flowers one could never correctly tell, what with the dimmed lighting, but I digress. I would much rather see a live production than a movie any day. But don't get me wrong, I love movies too, I just prefer the live audience and the live performance, because you never know what's going to happen. And that, readers of my blog, is precisely what I'm afraid of. I'm terrified I'm not going to learn my lines, or if I do, what about those peri-menopausal moments when my mind goes blank on good days, when I'm my own person, let alone me impersonating a prosecuting attorney (my role in the play).
So, it's off to play practice now, as I cruise along, listening to my new Beatles album - singing at the top of my lungs, with my window down....aging diva (HA! What a joke) that I am!

Enjoy this view, the knitting has been sparse. This is a budding grape vine, shot earlier this spring. If you look at it closely, you'll see the tiny buds of grapes appearing. Also note that the picture is a lot better than my usual. That MIGHT be because I didn't take it. My hubby did. He's great!
BTW..........Did I mention that I'm in charge of the music for bible school in two weeks, and have about 5 knitting projects on the go, a trip to Boston in early August, 2 doctor appts for my eldest daughter next week, a full time job, a bid on a new house, and sleep to fit in there? My, my, my.........did I say, "NO WAY?" Impossible.......I must have said, "YES, I'M FREE!" How about you? Where are you over committed?


peaknits said...

Good luck with the play - what a wonderful avenue to try for the summer! And overcommitment, American's middle name:) I'm overcommitted to swimming lessons for both girls, yoga class, doctor's appointments and that pesky day job!;)

Carolynn said...

No over committing here....I'm in MAINE for the summer! I haven't told my employer, but it sure feels like VACATION every day! I'm digging deeper in Christ and just relaxing as I 'play' with my charges! Good things require committment and simply chooses what they 'invest' in. :) You're doing great...just stay 'connected to the Vine' (loved the photo)!

Morticcia said...

You are not alone on with the peri-menopause or it's encumbant brain fog. Bleh! But fighting it with the stimulation of live theatre is great medicine. Bully for you!

I'm always amazed at the energy working moms have. I wish I had half your energy (and kids)!

Does anyone in your family (hubby?) have videotaping and youtube skills? Not that you need any more things to do, but then we could all see your genius!

And your coming to Boston! Family vaca? What a great place to visit, even if I do say so myself!