Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Little Bit Short......

I have a BIG love for this blanket! Now, we can sit here and philosophize about how I'm not a stealth knitter, and we can ruminate on how even sweaters intimidate me. And then we can talk about the time that I found this blanket on Ravelry. I'm not even sure how I came upon it. But I saw it. I saw two of them. They made me weep. They were so beautiful. And then my LYS had a sale on Noro - I bought all her orphan skeins - it was only a total of 6 or something like that. They were $6 and then if you bought one skein, you got the second for $4. It was meant to be.
But alas, I'd been postponing this project, because seriously....who wants to knit Kureyon in the middle of the summer. Apparently I do.
I cannot go any further without discussing Kureyon. I normally don't care for the texture of the actual yarn. IMHO, it feels like what the whole muggle world thinks wool should feel like. It's a bit scratchy at first, but does soften with washing. But the whole selling factor with Noro is this, hands-down, they are masters of color. I can hardly wait to see how the colors blend with the next color change. And that my friends is my opinion of Noro in a nutshell. Oh, an afterthought.....sometimes it breaks, you know, the yarn. Just saying, you know, if you happened to be a tight knitter, and something stressful happened, like you were trying to create a thumb gusset or something like that, and the yarn broke, and some expletives escaped your lips that haven't been uttered for literally years...... NOT that I would know from personal experience or anything. Nope, not at all.
So, last night I started the first block in colorway 154. It's beautiful. BUT, and this is a BIG "but" - I ran out of yarn for the last 5 rows. UGH! So in looking at the patterns on Ravelry, I'm thinking I need to revise my version a bit. Will I frog the whole block....not sure yet. I do have another skein of 154, I'm not sure why....but for some reason I just do. I think I'll keep this one, and see what happens with the next one. Thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Oh, and you want to see a picture of this, do you? Here it is! Notice the left edge - that's where I'm just a bit short.


KnittingMoose said...

Oh wow, I'm so glad you brought this up...I spotted that pattern on Ravelry too and fell in love with the colors. Everything you said about Noro though is exactly what goes through my head! I love the idea of the blanket because of the colors, but not the texture of the yarn. But I guess washing would help...hmm! Can't wait to watch your progress!

Shannon said...

I agree with you, Noro is fabulous for color. But the feel of the yarn can be awful. I like Silk Garden the best because you get the awesome colors and a softer feel.

Your log cabin looks lovely. I love how the colors are turning out.

Nell said...

Try it with another skein and see what happens. Then you can decide if you want to frog or not.

The colors are fabulous though!

nejyerf said...

oh kris!!! the colors!! this is beautiful. the colors remind me of an afghan that my grandmother used to have.

i can't wait to see the finished product