Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hip To Be Square!

I know...I'm dating myself with the Huey Lewis and the News song title for this post. Weren't the 80's fab though? I love the music, and I guess it's a sign of my advancing age that I don't routinely listen to much "popular" music on the radio these days. I went to a retirement bash for my band director in high school, and he was a great Beatles fan. I found myself singing "Paperback Writer," "When I'm 64," and many other greats from his time for the following week! I've got to find myself a great Beatles collection to put on my iPod.

Back to the knitting at hand. I'm loving every minute of this Noro Log Cabin blanket. I figured out that I would just eliminate the last column that the original block pattern called for, and then center the three middle columns, and work a border around them. I think it's still appealing. Even my hubby has commented on how he likes the project. I think he's just impressed that I am sticking to it. Especially in this heat! I really should be working on his socks and starting some new socks. It's a strange time where there's only one pair of socks on the needles!
Oh, and did I mention that I joined a lace KAL - what was I thinking? I received the pattern in the mail today. The charts are on 5 pages. I must be nuts. I've never knit lace in my life! The only good thing that I see so far about the whole thing, (besides maybe someday wearing the finished project) is the fact that the even rows are knitted instead of purled! YEAH! And two other chicks with sticks are knitting the exact pattern with me on Ravelry, so new friends!

Oh, and I may have done a little shoe shopping....and picked up this incredibly comfy pair of Privo's. Do you own any? May I recommend them to you? They are great!
And so I leave you with some song lyrics to close.......
Don't tell me that I'm crazy.
Don't tell me I'm nowhere.
Take it from me.
It's hip to be square!
Knit on Huey! It is SO hip to be square in this case!


Adie said...

Would you believe...I actually picked up (not bought, just "picked up") a pair of these Privos today at Green Hills Mall and thought, Kristin would like these..... No crap! (Must have been an inner genetic thingy...) I like your new project too!

Nell said...

Those shoes are SO CUTE!!!!!

peaknits said...

Oh Huey - wow, it's been awhile - Wanna New Drug was a 7th Grade favorite! Great Noro bocks - and I love the shoes - I have a pair of Privos - and they do rock!! (not as much as Huey though:)

KnittingMoose said...

Love how the blanket is coming along! And I think it looks great even without that extra little section on each.

I love 80's music!

Morticcia said...

You go girl! That blanket is looking fabulous. And now I'll be singing Paperback Writer all afternoon!

Can't wait to see your progress on the lace project! I almost considered doing one of the mystery KAL's I saw on rav but there just isn't the time.

Those shoes are cute!

Shannon said...

Love the shoes, love the blanket, love the song. :)

Alison Boon said...

Square has never looked so good.