Monday, April 14, 2008

All the Hype

Okay. I have finally figured out what all the hype is about when knitting with Wollmeise yarn. It's almost as if one is knitting with a yarn that is partial silk, when in reality, it's a 100% superwash wool base. I'm not sure where Claudia gets her yarn base, but it is fabulous! I did enjoy knitting with the 80/20 Twin yarn (the one that has some nylon content in it), but it wasn't quite as soft and silky as this yarn base. Knitting with this is pure heaven. Which begs the question...why on earth don't I have more knitting done on this project? Will this clapotis be finished in time for Maryland Sheep and Wool festival on the first weekend in May?
Well, the answers are not always as simple as they seem. Throw in a little nice weather, a vertigo spell on Saturday morning, and volleyball games on Saturday night, and tee ball and soccer practice for the DD's. Not a lot of time for knitting. And then throw in the new librarian, who actually has taste in books, and orders things from the BIG library (BIG is very relative where I live) for me on a regular basis. does not leave much time for knitting.

Did I mention a couple of new movies too? I finally got to see "Freedom Writers" which was fabulous, but has totally ruined my infatuation with Patrick Dempsey. His character didn't have any character or back bone. When it came down to it, he was simply a cad. And that, my friends, is SAD indeed. It's a sad day when a husband cannot support his wife's dream.

And the other movie - "The Holiday" - a total chick flick, but I liked it anyway. I happen to think Jack Black is very comical in this silly, predictable film about love gone wrong, and then made right again. The best part for me was the small English house that's called Rose Cottage. Beautiful. Wish I could live there for awhile! Short ceilings and all!

Happy Monday! What's taking you away from knitting these days? Or are you hard at work, finishing the last of those worsted weight sweaters before the lazy days of summer?


peaknits said...

Love the wollmeise clap to be - gorgeous! The yarn base is pretty darn amazing! I liked the Holiday too and want to live in the little cottage with Jude Law just "dropping in" - em. What's taking away from my knitting...yard work - now that snow is melted, wow - what a mess under there:)

KnittingMoose said...

Oh, it looks so pretty! I love those colors. Wollmeise is now on my list of must-get-my-hands-on-some someday yarn. :)

Adie said...

What's taking ME away from knitting these days is a total lack of talent in that area! LOL!Glad you can! I love my socks and fingerless mitts!

Nell said...

I loved The Holiday. Such pretty knitwear in that one too!

The color is what sells me on Wollmeise. Although, I have to admit I haven't knit any of it yet!

Marisol said...

Aww look at the baby clappys! I love this in the Wollemeise!

Hey I am totally jelous of the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival--I hear its pretty awesome!

Please take lots of pictures he he...