Sunday, June 15, 2014

Just Keep Knitting

I keep knitting on my WIP's to get them finished as part of Stashdash 2014.  Yet, it seems as though I'm going nowhere quickly.  Is it possible that I'm knitting on too many projects at once?  

I did finish these socks (they were started last year in October 2013).  I'm not really sure why I never finished them.  They are all of my favorite colors.  Sometimes I start a relatively plain sock (though hand knit socks are never plain to me), and it becomes a bit boring to me.  The yarn was nice.  I knit it on size 2.25 mm (US #1) and got a nice fabric with it.  I knit it with a picot edge - which is a cool way to add a little pizazz to your knitting (in my opinion).  The knitting was mindless and good for times when I didn't want to focus entirely on my knitting.  But they just didn't fly off the needles.  

Now that they are done, I like them, and I like the fit.  But I think I need a bit more of a pattern or something to distract me.  Or not.  Sometimes I think I over-think this knitting thing.  
Knitting is more than a hobby or craft to me.  It is a love that calms my spirit and fuels my creativity.  I'm so glad I'm a knitter.  

STR socks in Medium Weight, unknown color way (Mill End).  
2.25 mm (US #1) needle
385 yards down, 5,083 yards to go.  
Just keep knitting, knitting, knitting!  

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