Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Maryland 2014 Friday

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival (always the first full weekend in May) was amazing as usual!

This year we took two festival newbies, and it is indeed incredible to see the festival through their eyes.
We left for the festival on Friday morning.  First stop was at Starbucks for a little fuel (as if our excitement wasn't enough)!
Then, a new stop this year, initiated by our newbies!  The Coach factory outlet.  We had a grand adventure there, and a special coupon savings!
We arrived at PF Chengs in the early afternoon, and after a delicious meal, did some more shopping after that at Sephora and BestBuy.  We picked up cheesecake to go at the Cheesecake Factory.  YUM!
We finally arrived at our hotel at 4:30pm.
We unloaded the cars, took a wee nap, and headed to a local establishment for supper.
There we met a waitress who made RBF (Google it) look like something pleasant.  But the food was great, and the company fabulous, as we met up with our friends from Virginia.

After dinner was a trip to the local liquor store for some adult refreshments.

We found this bottle of wine (though we did not purchase it) and had to laugh!  Adrienne, however,  found some Moonshine cherries!
Off we went to the lobby to knit, and plan for Saturday.

Since this is a knitting or spinning blog, how about some related goods?
This is 4 oz. of a merino/silk fiber braid from Hobbledehoy Fibers.  It's color is called Butterfly Wing.
I purchased it on Saturday of the festival.
It is currently being spun on my new Lendrum DT spinning wheel, which I really love.

I'll write more each day about our adventures, and slowly reveal my beautiful purchases.
Hope your Monday was wonderful!

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