Monday, November 16, 2009

Making My List.......

You know it's bad when your mother complains that she misses your blog posts. I think she might be the only one. Ah well, I'm still here. I'm still knitting. If I hadn't been knitting, I might not have survived the last couple of weeks. Rather than bore you with the mundane details of my life, here's some pictures of some of my knitting for your viewing pleasure. I'm mostly engrossed in knitting gifts for Christmas. While this sometimes produces boredom (as I often knit the same pattern two or three times), I find immense pleasure in giving hand knits for Christmas.
Without further ado (some projects are not quite completely finished, as I have to weave in ends, and such).....I present Knitting by Kristin, photos by scary, crazy lady with a Kodak EasyShare camera....sigh.

Winter Windows Scarf for my hubby's grandmother (Tilli Tomas Disco lights).

Another Windowpanes Scarf for my hubby's aunt (Tilli Tomas Disco lights).

See what I mean about repetition? It's often hard to find the right gift for these ladies, and they are always admiring my knitting, so this year I thought, well, why not? Why not indeed? So they shall receive hand knits at Christmas this year. I only hope that they deem these scarves as a worthy present. Maybe if I divulge the cost of the yarn.....(kidding, ahem, maybe only slightly kidding).

My brother asked for a hat when I gave his wife her hat and scarf set. He will be the recipient of this Jared Flood design. It's the Turn a Square pattern.

And lastly, a simple garter stitch scarf for my teenage cousin (her sister will be receiving a matching one, only in a different colorway of yarn). Simple garter stitch with bulky wool, big needles, and then braided fringe. I knitted it during the World Series games, when my attention span was short, and my brow furrowed, as I watched the Phils lose....:(

So, that's some of the knitting I've accomplished. I'm also working on socks for my Dad, an Ishbel for my SIL, and more hats for the little ones! Oh, and I may make dish clothes for coworkers. I may be knitting into the New Year........
What are you knitting for Christmas?

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Kay said...

I love that yarn with the sequins in it.... it almost makes me wish I had time to knit!