Sunday, May 24, 2009

Three Days Off

This is my first three day weekend (that I didn't have to use vacation time for) in over a year. Today started with a bit of vertigo (go figure), and it still lingers tonight. But I managed to finish these happy socks on Friday night. They are for my youngest daughter.

As you can see, they appear a bit different in the leg, but they are knit from the same skein of Claudia Hand Painted Yarn.
Red Wagon Socks
3x1 Ribbing on a US #2 needle
Time - about 2 weeks, intermittently.
Yarn - Claudia Hand Painted Sport Sock; Colorway, Red Wagon.

Easy, peasy pattern. I've cast on some Duckies in Yarntini last night. I'm almost done with the first leg portion. Yarntini makes all my knitting a pleasure! Have a great week!
PS - the Phillies beat the Yanks 2 out of 3 games, and we aren't talking about the other game (Brad Lidge).


Kim said...

Pretty socks. I'm sure your daughter really liked them. Hope that vertigo is gone.

Robin said...

Maybe the pattern of the socks brought on the vertigo! Wild! Love the colors and I like the legs of my socks to be different. Adds to their character. I'm sure your daughter will love them!!

peaknits said...

Hi there, the socks are gorgeous - as always! I wanted to give you some Cotty Sock Scoop - I knit one and it weighs 1.8, with 2.3 left in the Yarntini sport skein - just FYI:) I knit a generous cuff too, I think.