Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Clap and a Contest!

I've finished the clapotis! YEAH! It's actually a mini version, but here's a photo of it. It's been very rainy and dreary here, and unseasonably cold. I sat at a ball game last night with a hooded sweatshirt and a fleece blanket. Thank heavens the coaches were merciful, and cut the game a wee bit short. It still lasted an hour and a half! Anyway, I'm tired of waiting on nice weather to photograph the thing. How's that for attitude! Here's some more. The nice weather is predicted for this weekend, and I'm working. All three days of it! I just pray I'll be a blessing to someone on the holiday weekend!

Started - I really can't remember. Maybe February, March? I started so many times! GEEZ!
Yarn - Wollmeise 100% Sockenwolle Superwash in Dornroschen colorway (Translates to Sleeping Beauty) - less than 1 skein.
Needles - US #4
Pattern modifications - nothing much. I added one more section of straight rows, and I probably could have added two. I have a small ball of the yarn left. But definitely enough yardage for another 12 rows, which is the length of the increase section.
Thoughts on the pattern/yarn: Wollmeise is lovely to knit. I highly recommend it! Of course, its rarity is a problem. The pattern was really, very simple. The hardest thing was to let go of my inhibitions, and just drop the stitches when I got to the straight rows. After I lost my fear of the dreaded dropped stitch, I found myself looking forward to those particular rows that called for dropping stitches. I think there may be a lesson in this somewhere, but I'm not going to go there in this post.
I guess I should comment on the size of this scarf/stole. It's pretty small, compared to other clapotis patterns I've seen in person. It's more along the lines of a scarf. But I knit it with fingering weight yarn, which made it just a nice size for a wider scarf. I think I'll knit up some more of these for Christmas gifts? Where did that thought come from? I know...I tend to dream big. I should probably start knitting now, if I'm planning that. But seriously, if you're not really into knitting scarves, this pattern holds your interest a bit longer than most, and yet remains relatively mindless at times.

Back to the finishing and the CONTEST.....
I've yet to block a piece of my work (shhhhh....don't judge). Tell me your favorite quick and dirty way to block this FO, and win some yarny goodness. Oh, and because I'm being a little cautious with money, you can post a comment at will, but the prize will be selected from a random generator, and I will only mail domestically, to the continental US.....Thanks for understanding and playing along! Leave a comment by Friday, the 23rd of May, for your vote/recommendation to count.
Here's to finishing knitterly things (this is called an FO - a finished object - for all you muggles), and to new beginnings (my favorite)!


Shannon said...

Your Clap is gorgeous! I love love love the color.

Ok, my short cut blocking technique is to use Magic Sizing (you can find it by the starch at your local grocery) and the steam setting on my iron. Just spray lightly and steam. You will be amazed at how fast and well this works.

Nell said...

I'm with Shannon. Just steam block it with your iron. I haven't used starch before but I'll have to try that too.

Morticcia said...

Steam ironing is how I usually do the quick and dirty, especially something as boxy as the clapotis.

I clicked on the pic to see it big. The colors are gorgeous and your stitches even and perfect. I love looking at perfect knitting - it calms the ever lurking beast within. :-)

peaknits said...

OMG, gorgeous Clap - I will send YOU a prize if you make these for x-mas gifts! I could never give one away;) I have been admiring Wollmeise Claps over at Ravelry, I've got my Miss May ready for the deed!

I am a relatively inexperienced blocker - but for my Clap - I soaked it in lukewarm water and pinned it out on my bed, on the comforter - and then closed the door to keep the cats away! Can't wait to hear how you decide to proceed so I can refer to yours when I get my Wollmeise Clap done:0

Carolynn said...

so.....what's a clap and what do you do with it? guess you can tell i only knit dish cloths!! it's lovely....whatever it is. Lindy

KnittingMoose said...

Gorgeous clapotis!! I love it, great color. I'm anxious to start one of those myself but am unsure of what yarn to use and what size I want it to be. Yours came out great!